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59. Western Falanouc

Eupleres major


Until 2010, the Western falanouc wasn’t regarded as a species, instead it was a subspecies of its sister species the Eastern falanouc.

They are a rare mongoose-like mammal in the carnivoran family Eupleridae endemic to Madagascar. The Western falanouc inhabits pockets of western Madagascan dry deciduous forests near wetlands, whereas the Eastern falanouc inhabits eastern habitats. The Western falanouc is likely susceptible to hunting pressures, and habitat loss through logging, forest fires and charcoal production. They are also vulnerable to the pressures of introduced feral cats and dogs throughout their range.

  • Order: Carnivora
  • Family: Eupleridae
  • Population: Unknown
  • Trend: decreasing

EDGE Score

EDGE Score: 5.3 (?)
ED Score: 24.13 (?)
GE / IUCN Red List (?)
Not Evaluated Data Deficient Least Concern Near Threatened Vulnerable Endangered Critically Endangered Extinct in the Wild Extinct


Endemic to Madagascar, ranging from near Baly Bay National Park, north through the Ankarafantsika and Analalava forests to the Sambirano, as far east as the foothills of Tsarantanana, Sahamalaza peninsula and possibly to the lower parts of Montagne d’Ambre.

Habitat and Ecology

They inhabit dry deciduous forest on the edges of wetlands near dry forest, as well as flooded palm savanna not far from dry forests. Little is known of their ecology. They are nocturnal and feed mostly on invertebrates.

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