Instant Wild donation for the EDGE Slender Loris project in Sri Lanka

In 2009, after two hundred hours of surveying, ZSL EDGE researchers rediscovered the Horton Plains Slender loris - thought to be extinct. Our on going survey and reforestation project is working to create ecological corridors between fragmented forest patches to conserve vital habitat for this endangered species.

ZSL’s EDGE of Existence programme is also engaged in a collaborative project with the Open University of Sri Lanka and the University of Colombo to bring conservation focus to this sub-species and its remaining habitat. A key part of this work has been undertaking an assessment of loris ‘occupancy’ in over 120 different forest patches, with in excess of 1000 surveys completed to date.

Your donation will help EDGE secure the future of the endangered Sri Lankan slender loris by determining its population status and distribution so that important areas of habitat can be identified and protected.

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