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EDGE Hero Micaela Camino Wins Whitley Award
EDGE Hero Awardee Emmanuel Amoah Wins Whitley Award
2022 Conservation Tools Course – Online
2021 – Conservation Leadership Course – Online
Brawin Receives The Third Segré Species Survival Award
2021 – Conservation Leadership Course – Online
2021 Conservation Tools Course – Online
Online Conservation Tools Course
Nguyen Thanh Luan Received The EDGE Hero Award
Liliana Receives The Second Segré Species Survival Award
EDGE Hero Awardee Abdullahi Hussein Ali Wins Whitley Award
Successful Taylor’s Salamander Captive Breeding
Taylor's Salamander
2020 Conservation Tools Course – South Africa
Africa Cohort 2020
EDGE Affiliate Sandeep Das Awarded The EDGE Hero Award
Gharial Discovered Breeding In South West Nepal For The First Time In 37 Years
Ashish Bashyal holding a juvenile gharial
IUCN Phylogenetic Diversity Task Force Established
Phylogenetic Diversity Task Force logo
EDGE Hosts Coral Red List Workshop
Coral Red List Workshop attendees at ZSL
2019 Conservation Leadership Course
2019 Conservation Leadership course attendees
First Population Estimate For The Cuban Greater Funnel-Eared Bat
Cuban funnel eared bat
EDGE EDBE Expedition To Guatemala
Central American River Turtle
Capacity Building For Conservation Conference Hosted By EDGE
Capacity Building for Conservation conference
Micaela Camino Becomes An EDGE Hero Awardee
First Episode Of The EDGE Of Existence Podcast Released
EDGE Podcast logo
Emmanuel Amoah Awarded The First Segré Species Survival Award
Conservation Workshop Held In Panama
Fellows Tools Course To Borneo
Launch Of EDGE Sharks & Rays
Great hammerhead, Sphyrna mokarran
Protected Area Established For Togo Slippery Frog
2018 Conservation Leadership Course
New Population Of Granular Salamander Discovered
EDGE Hero Awardees Announced
Esteban Brenes Mora Awarded UNESCO Young Scientist Award
Street Artist Louis Masai Paints EDGE Murals At ZSL London Zoo
Launch Of EDGE Reptiles
Mary River Turtle
Project Planning – Online Learning Course Launched
EDGE EDBE Expedition To Argentina
New EDGE Website Goes Online
Fellows Tools Course To Costa Rica
New Species Of Endangered Frog Discovered!
Habitat Restoration Project For EDGE Salamander
Fellows Tools Course To Madagascar
Nat Geo Photo Ark EDGE Fellowships Launched
2017 Conservation Leadership Course
Scientific Expeditions – Online Learning Course Launched
First Record Of A Slender-Snouted Crocodile Nest In Ghana
EDGE Science Workshop
Shoebill from Project visit 2017
Ocean Optimism – Online Learning Course Launched
10 Years On The EDGE
The First EDGE Expedition To Cuba!
Worth More Alive – Online Learning Course Launched
EDGE Fellow Diorene Wins The Disney Conservation Hero Award
Species And Spaces – Online Learning Course Launched
2016 Conservation Leadership Course
2016 Conservation Tools Training Course – Philippines
Take Action – Online Learning Course Launched
Conservation Innovation – Online Learning Course Launched
People And Conservation – Online Learning Course Launched
2015 Conservation Leadership Course
Seychelles Sheath-Tailed Bats Protected
Mistbelt Chirping Frog Found
2015 Conservation Tools Training Course – Costa Rica
First Records Of The Pygmy Sloth In A Forest Habitat
2014 Conservation Leadership Course
New Population Of Toad-Skinned Frog Discovered In Munnar
First Online Learning Course – “Understanding Conservation”
Launch Of EDGE Birds
NGO Hirola Conservation Is Established
Improved Breeding Success For The Hooded Grebe
2013 Conservation Tools Training Course – Kenya
Kenya 2013 tools course
Pygmy Sloths Listed On CITES
2013 Conservation Leadership Course
EDGE Species Mapped For The First Time
Pangolin Returned Into The Wild
First Ever All-Female Marine Patrol Team Formed
Sir David Attenborough Highlights EDGE
A Cutting-EDGE Approach In Seychelles
2012 Conservation Tools Training Course – Kenya
Action Plan For The Hispaniolan Solenodon
EDGE Gala Evening
Hirola Safe Haven
A Sustainable Future For Chinese Giant Salamanders
Coral Tree Of Life Published
Pygmy Sloth Project Begins
2011 Conservation Tools Training Course – Nepal
Reforestation Programme For The Slender Loris
First EDGE Coral Reefs Training Course
Sagalla Caecilian Conservation Project Begins
Conserving The Ganges River Dolphin Project Begins
Launch Of EDGE Corals
Boni Forest Sengi Caught On Camera
Rediscovery Of Horton Plains Slender Loris
Victory For EDGE Amphibians!
Launch Of The Last Survivors Project
2009 Conservation Leadership Course
President Of Liberia Visits Sapo National Park
“Animals At The EDGE” Book Published
First EDGE Conservation Leadership Training Course
First Photographic Records Taken Of Wild Pygmy Hippos In Liberia
Launch Of EDGE Amphibians
Woodlark Island Cuscus Saved From Extinction
Confirmation Of The Existence Of Sir David’s Echidna
Hispaniolan Solenodon Rediscovery
First EDGE Fellow Announced
Launch Of EDGE Mammals
Launch Of EDGE