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UK Leadership course 2016

In September 2016, the fourth EDGE Conservation Leadership course was held at ZSL. These EDGE Fellows attended the EDGE Conservation Tools course in Costa Rica and have spent the last 18 months undertaking their Fellowship projects. They attended the two-week course to receive training in leadership skills, fundraising, communicating your results and engaging business in conservation.

Welcome to the EDGE Leadership course!

The 8 EDGE Fellows were reunited with the EDGE team at ZSL after 18 months undertaking their projects

Training begins

The intense timetable kicks off with sessions on fundraising and project development

Internal symposium

All of the Fellows delivered short presentations to an audience of ZSL employees. Here Kahlil updates the group on his work conserving the Philippine Eagle.

Behind the scenes

EDGE Fellow Alfredo received technical support from the London Zoo Herpetology team to help him develop his salamander project in Mexico.

No hiding from the camera

The Fellows are interviewed by the ZSL Digital team on their Fellowship projects to promote their important conservation work.

Scientific posters

Robin and Kini present their posters to EDGE supporters.

Celebration time

ZSL Conservation Programmes Director, Jonathan Baillie, welcomes everyone to the EDGE drinks reception.

EDGE Fellows drinks reception

Each of the Fellows also presented their work at an evening event to funding organisations and external EDGE supporters.

Technical support

The course includes several days of one to one support from the Fellows supervisors to help with their data analysis.

Trip to ZSL Whipsnade

A group visit to ZSL's Whipsnade zoo was a great opportunity for Esteban to meet a Javan rhino, a relative of his project species, Baird's tapir.