Mammals exist in a great variety of forms.  However, they are all warm blooded vertebrates that possess fur or hair (at some stage in their development) and breathe air. Mammals nurse their young with milk, produced by the mother.

Many of the most weird and wonderful species on earth are EDGE mammals.  Examples include the mighty blue whale (the world’s largest mammal), the tiny bumblebee bat (possibly the world’s smallest mammal), and the solenodons of Cuba and Hispaniola, which are the only living mammals capable of injecting venom into their prey through their teeth like a snake. These species, plus many others you will probably never even have heard of, are threatened with extinction, and are in urgent need of conservation attention.

Alarmingly, two-thirds of EDGE mammals are currently receiving little or no conservation attention.  Many of the most poorly-known species are in danger of quietly slipping towards extinction unnoticed. The aim of the EDGE programme is to prevent this from happening.  The number one EDGE mammal, the Yangtze River dolphin, or baiji may have become extinct just before the launch of EDGE in January 2007.  We need to act fast to ensure that this tragedy is not repeated.

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