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The EDGE team sometimes has opportunities for staff, volunteers and students to join us, and we’ll be posting details when they arise. Please check back here for updates.

All ZSL vacancies for staff, volunteers and students can be found here.

PhD Opportunity

A PhD opportunity with Imperial College London and ZSL’s EDGE of Existence programme is now open for applications. The PhD will address gaps in knowledge for effective conservation of unique evolutionary history, specifically in the oceans. The research will use various global datasets to produce ground-breaking spatial prioritisations of marine phylogenetic diversity (PD). Overall the PhD should aim to identify regions that are rich in PD and are at high risk from major threats to the ecosystem. The PhD will also look at building new species lists enabling the EDGE of Existence programme to expand its conservation work into the marine and freshwater realms.

For more information on applying please visit: Deadline for all applications is 6th January 2020.