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The EDGE team sometimes has opportunities for staff, volunteers and students, and we’ll be posting details when they arise. Please check back here for updates.

Conservation eLearning Specialist: ZSL’s EDGE of Existence team is looking for an experienced online learning specialist, responsible for overseeing the development of online and offline learning content for a new training approach for raising professional standards in conservation – in partnership with National Geographic Society (NGS). You’ll be responsible for translating technical training materials from our Subject Matter Experts into online learning formats using principles of instructional design, creating engaging and effective conservation learning experiences. You will develop appropriate learner pathways for the various levels of conservation practitioners to be enrolled in courses, and collaborate with NGS’s media production team to create high quality online content. You’ll strategically inform the project with best practises in online learning, and contribute to the continual monitoring and evaluation of the project’s impact. Find out more and apply here.

Tender for Subject Matter Experts for Protected Area Management training: ZSL’s Professionalising Conservation project is looking for Consultant Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to provide expertise in the development of content for the production of new online and offline training materials for protected area practitioners all over the world. SMEs are invited to identify their topic of expertise from the Professionalising Conservation content framework (designed to align with both the IUCN Global Register of Competencies for Protected Area practitioners, and the IUCN Green List of Protected and Conserved Areas), for which they will design a module of content for an online course. SME’s will need to submit a proposal outlining their experience in delivering training (including online if applicable); expertise in their topic/module of choice from the framework detailed on pages 9-11 of the RFP; a proposed cost to complete on all deliverables, and a time estimate for producing content. We approximate a 6 month part-time contract to complete on all deliverables. This is an open call Request for Proposals and successful candidates will be invited to interview as they apply. The RFP will be closed once we have enough Subject Matter Experts for the delivery of Phase 1 of the project, which is detailed further in the RFP document here.

All ZSL vacancies for staff, volunteers and students can be found here.