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The EDGE team sometimes has opportunities for staff, volunteers and students to join us, and we’ll be posting details when they arise. Please check back here for updates.

All ZSL vacancies for staff, volunteers and students can be found here.


EDGE Social Dimensions Specialist

We are looking for someone with expertise in social research and evaluation to join our team in London.

This role will oversee and be responsible for evaluation and social science data collection, delivery of CEPA (communication, education and public awareness activities) and stakeholder facilitation. The successful candidate will provide social science training, supervision and expertise for early career conservationists and future conservation leaders (EDGE Fellows and Affiliates). This technical expert will train and advise other staff and remote consultants so that they are also able to support the social components of the projects carried out by EDGE Fellows and Affiliates. This role will also lead on the development of robust monitoring and evaluation of the work carried out by the EDGE of Existence programme.

The deadline for applications is Midnight (BST) on Tuesday the 25th June. Please find more details and apply through the ZSL website here.


Erasmus Darwin Barlow Expedition 2019

Applications are now being accepted for the Zoological Society of London’s 2019 Erasmus Darwin Barlow Conservation Expedition. The deadline for applications is 17:00 (BST) on the 14th June 2019.

This programme aims to attract and nurture zoologists and conservationists of the future from a diverse range of backgrounds. We will fund two places for students or early career conservationists to join a ZSL EDGE of Existence expedition.

We are looking for passionate, ambitious individuals, wishing to pursue a career in conservation. We will be accepting applications from students and early career conservationists with less than two years’ work experience. We are looking for individuals that would not otherwise be able to take part in a conservation research expedition.

EDBE Expedition to Patagonia 2018
2018 EDBE Expedition to Patagonia, Argentina © ZSL

Successful applicants will fulfil the following criteria:

  • Commitment to biodiversity conservation
  • Ability to carry out ecological or social research
  • Relevant skills that will benefit the expedition (e.g. experience with particular ecological or social research methods, interest in and ability to identify to species level within a particular taxonomic group, experience with journalism)
  • Experience travelling abroad
  • Experience with logistics and planning of field work
  • Ability and willingness to work in challenging or potentially inhospitable conditions
  • Experience with photography/videography/other visual media (desirable)
  • Good understanding of spoken Spanish (desirable)
  • UK national or resident in the UK

The expedition will visit the location of one EDGE (Evolutionarily Distinct and Globally Endangered) species, to obtain information on the ecology of the species and contribute to its long-term survival through establishing collaboration with local experts

EDBE Expedition 2018
EDBE Expedition 2018 | © ZSL

The proposed location for the 2019 expedition will be Guatemala. We propose that the expedition will focus on the Central America River Turtle (Dermatemys mawii). We will be working with local conservation organisations to obtain relevant ecological and social information on the species and its habitats.

Important Documents

EDBE Guidelines 2019

EDBE Application Form 2019

See for more information.

These awards are a tribute to the late Dr Erasmus Barlow, a Founder Fellow of the Society and also remembered at ZSL for his contribution to the Society in his role as Secretary from 1980 to 1982.

Note: ZSL reserves the right to alter the objectives and destination of the expedition if required to ensure the successful completion of the expedition and safety of all participants.