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Ed runs for EDGE

By on April 7, 2008 in EDGE HQ, EDGE Updates, Uncategorized

The EDGE Team recently received the fantastic news that someone has decided to raise funds and awareness for the EDGE programme by running a grueling 26 miles in the London Marathon.

Meet Edmund Kolloen, our latest EDGE Champion.


Find out below why Ed decided to raise money to support conservation projects for the world’s most evolutionary distinct and globally endangered mammals and amphibians:

“The reason I chose to run for EDGE:
I have always been interested in Nature and everything living in it, and when I was about 6 I remember getting an A-Z zoological encyclopaedia that I pretty much have been flicking through ever since. That combined with the living planet series on TV had me hooked from a very early age. You couldn’t get me away from the TV if there was a nature programme on.

I also grew up in a valley area in the southeast of Norway where mountains and wilderness were never far away. Its not maybe until recent years when I moved away from all of that, that I realised how much it did affect me and how much I miss it at times.

The work that EDGE does and what it highlights is something that I think is extremely important. I think when most people hear about species that are about to go extinct they most often think that something big is in place to take care of this situation. More than often they don’t realize that it’s the passion and efforts of just a few people that might just be enough to save it, if not that then at least highlight the matter and spread awareness before its too late for many of these species.

I think that running the Marathon is a great opportunity to do something for EDGE – to highlight their efforts and at the same time try to raise some funds to support the projects they have going.

With organisations like ZSL and EDGE it is possible to get species protected, and conservation projects in place for the future survival of these amazing creatures.”

Click HERE to link to a facebook page Ed has created to highlight his efforts.

If you would like to sponsor Ed with his arduous challenge, please click HERE

On behalf of everybody in the EDGE Office I would like to say a HUGE thank you to Ed and we all wish you the best of luck for Sunday.