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By on January 19, 2007 in EDGE Fellows, EDGE Updates, Long-eared jerboa, Uncategorized

My name is Uuganbadrakh.Ouynkhishig. I am from northern Mongolia. I used to come to capital city Ulaanbaatar to participate school children competitions. In 2002, I participated National Biological Olympiad which is organized annually by National University of Mongolia and I was awarded to study at the university without entrance exam when I was high school pupil. I proud that I chosen to become an ecologist because Mongolia is a rich country in biodiversity, there are many ecological questions need to be answered and Mongolia is home to many globally endangered species.

Long-eared jerboa Uuganbadrakh

I’m currently studying at National of University Mongolia as ecology student. I am going to finish my first degree in May. I am really pleased to be selected as EDGE fellow. It will enable me to study unknown species, Long eared jerboa in Gobi Desert. Not much people saw the species because it is a nocturnal animal. My study will define the threats, habitat requirement and distribution of the species. We will develop species conservation plan based on the research findings. It will be my master thesis. Through the EDGE fellow programme I am expecting to learn not only long eared jerboa but also improving my English and professional skills. I have been in Gobi desert for two summer. Gobi is an amazing place with most hospitable people in the world. I am really looking forward to going to Gobi desert and start my study.