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Impressions from EDGE Fellows' Training Course

By on July 9, 2009 in EDGE Fellows, EDGE HQ, EDGE Updates, Focal species, Long-eared jerboa, Mammals, Uncategorized

It is not long until the second group of EDGE Fellows arrives in the UK for the annual conservation skills training course, so here Uuganbadrakh gives his impressions of the UK, the Zoological Society of London, and ZSL’s two zoos from when he attended last year’s course.

One of the most memorable events is to visit in UK by EDGE training course that organized by ZSL conservation programme. As for me, this trip is first and memorable. I had lot of foreign friends /UK, China, Kenya, Thailand and so on. I looked at high developing country at first time. As for me, all things were a very interesting and new.

My first transportation was a subway. In my country transportation system have many problems such as lot of traffic jam, accidents and irritation of pedestrian and drivers. I seemed very well, all people are going to his work and office quietly. That time I think when my city will build subway.

As soon as I come in UK, I lived in guest house in London Zoo. It was unbelievable to think that I was live in most famous zoo in the world. But this was true. That time as I see it, all workers in London zoo like their job and works. When I wake up early and enjoy through zoo, they already begin to work. I like arrangement and exterior and interior design of zoo very well.

I suggest you should visit in London zoo if you like to take a photo. One of my hopes is to take a photo. In zoo there are lot of subject for photo. But I hadn’t got enough battery and memory stick. Beside you can see various animal, you can see really beautiful flower, trees and insects, especially butterfly in butterfly house.

The other exhibit I like is BUGS. It is wonderful house for anyone who want to know and don’t know about wildlife and earth. This house has a lot of high and smart technology. During that time, necessities to start this kind of centre I decided to build house like it. But I don’t know to build it exactly. Of course I don’t have a lot of money. But when I have a opinion about it, it may be built.

Some lectures of EDGE training course were organized by ZSL conservation programme in Conservation programme meeting hall. There were many countries EDGE Fellows in EDGE course. I learned lot of knowledge from this training course, including biodiversity monitoring, how will we make media of wildlife, methodology of mammals and so on. Most lectures were taught by good teacher of ZSL.

Beside lecture in classroom we had field study in zoo. It was lot of experience which reinforce our knowledge to us. For example we visited the reptile and amphibian house. Before I have never seen this snake. As for me, it is very big snake. First I was afraid from it. After I know it was not poisonous, I touched –  tactile cold skin.

Also we visited Whipsnade Zoo. This zoo has been more area than London zoo. I looked at big mammals such rhinoceros, elephant and so on. When I was close to ring-tailed lemur, I was pleased. I think UK people are very lucky because they can see many species animal at one place. Even though they aren’t wild animals, it is big chance. As for my country, Mongolia is big and have been lot of wild animals. But most people can’t see it. Perhaps in many years they will be endangered species if don’t conserve. That time scientist and ecologist we may not see them. You should see zoos very well.

As for me, one of most important lessons in this course is camera trapping. Before this course, I have never seen camera trap. It is very important equipment that study shy animal and rare animals. Top two picture is photo that taken by camera trap. Especially I like colour camera trap. Bottom two picture is photo which uploading into notebook from camera trap in Whipsnade Zoo. Beside it, I learned few method which use high technology for wildlife study like it. In future I think I will study wildlife by this method.

Beside being involved in the EDGE training course, we looked at some famous places in the UK, including Madame Tussauds, Buckingham Palace and London Eye. Especially the Palace of Westminster is built long years ago and wonderful. I saw wonderful architecture creature on the Palace of Westminster. When I see it, I think how did they build it many years ago.  But that time I use not to know the history about it. Now I know history about it little. If I go to London again, I will see it very well.

I think this is one of the wonderful modern creature in the world – the London Eye. It is very high. I could see whole London. In my country there is thing like it, it called Alsiig kharagch, ‘far looker’. But it is very terrible because it was build many years ago. If you seat it on, you can hear lot of screaking /scroop/ noise. This time you feel scare that maybe fall down. But right now capital governors is going to renew it.

Last, I’d like to express my thanks to the staffs, Sally, Carly, Helen, Jon, Jonathan, Katrina and etc, from ZSL conservation programme for organize and arrange this training course. By your beneficence/favour, I learned lot of things: skill, knowledge, practical experience and so on.

Good luck for you.

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