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How to look ten years younger – our new EDGE website!

By on January 24, 2018 in News

Our EDGE of Existence Programme has reached its first decade protecting the planet’s most Evolutionarily Distinct and Globally Endangered species. To celebrate, we decided to give ourselves a 10 year old make over. We’ve launched our new website with a fresh look,  updated content, and we’ve introduced some new features to help illustrate our conservation story to you, our readers. We hope the website is easier to navigate and more engaging for you to browse.

We’re pleased to have introduced new information tabs for many species, which include:


  • Conservation Attention

This gives readers an idea of how much attention species are receiving and how well these actions are being implemented


  • Threats

This tab informs readers about the most salient threats to the safeguarding of this species, illustrated in a word cloud to show the different levels of impact on the species


  • Survival blueprints

Written by our EDGE Fellows, this tab highlights the recommended actions to tackle the problems impacting their species. This tells us the urgent conservation actions needed to save the species.


  • Interactive EDGE Fellows and projects maps

This will allow readers to look through the world map to see where our fellows work and provides easy access to each Fellows profile and our projects!


We hope that readers will enjoy our new website and will find navigation smooth and easy.

If you have any questions or suggestions feel free to email us at, and follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to keep up to date with all of our work to conserve EDGE species across the globe!