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New EDGE mammal arrives at London Zoo

By on July 15, 2013 in EDGE Updates, Mammals, News, ZSL

ZSL has recently welcomed a new arrival to London Zoo. Whilst this may be a regular occurrence in a zoo with thousands of animals, the extra exciting part is that it is an EDGE animal. Adi is the newest Asian Tapir (or Malayan Tapir) and is just four weeks old. He has recently begun to venture outside with his mother Gertie and has been seen taking a refreshing swim in the moat.

The name Adi was chosen through an online poll on the London Zoo facebook page from a shortlist chosen by the keepers – Adi is the Malay word for precious. Currently he weighs about 20kg and is just 20 inches tall.


We hope that Adi, along with others EDGE species at the Zoo – such as the pygmy hippos, gorillas and axolotls, will be able to help increase awareness of EDGE of existence programme with visitors to the zoo. So if you are visiting London Zoo over the summer make sure you go see Adi and Gertie and see how many other EDGE species you can find.