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Species in Pieces is simply breathtaking

By on March 19, 2015 in EDGE Updates, News

It’s not everyday you receive an email with a link to an independently created, truly fantastic website that raises awareness of EDGE species in a new fantastic way, acts as a donation campaign and highlights the threats EDGE species face simply and clearly.

Even more remarkably – it was all produced by Bryan James, a Web Developer who created the online exhibition as a personal “side” project to show what CSS3 (the latest styling techniques supported by modern browsers such as Chrome) can do. is a work of art and a must see. 30 species have been recreated using polygons and simple shades of colour, each consisting of 30 pieces. That’s even more remarkable, as you need to both be a talented designer to create a lifelike resemblance of each animal with only 30 polygons at your disposal, and you also need to be a talented frontend developer to code the Javascript and interface to pull the experience off. James achieved both, and we’re delighted to see that the web server itself that’s hosting the website is under strain with 700 unique users (17th March) on the site at any one time during the last count. A much deserved success.

Species in Pieces

If you haven’t already visited the website, grab a copy of Google Chrome and head over there right now. Sit back and enjoy as 30 remarkable species are animated in front of your eyes, and be sure to grab a copy of the actual printed poster. I personally ordered the largest possible for the EDGE office wall. As a Web Developer for the EDGEof Existence programme here at ZSL, I’m truly delighted to support James in sharing his achievement and can only congratulate him for helping to raise awareness of EDGE species in such a fascinating way.