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We Cycled Across the Isle of Wight for EDGE!

By on March 13, 2012 in EDGE Updates, Guest Blog, News, Uncategorized
Pink Panthers: Tom Brockwell, Daniel Mulroy, Undisclosed and Hugo Moore


It’s not often that we see such young and enthusiastic fundraisers, so these four boys definitely deserve a special mention. Hugo Moore and his friends Tom Brockwell, Daniel Mulroy, and another are all eleven years old and attend St Saviours Primary School on the Isle of Wight.

Hugo wrote to us to explain what he decided to do, and why he was inspired to fundraise specifically for the EDGE of Existence Programme:


Last summer I was talking to my mum about endangered animals and we came across your site. It was really interesting knowing what animals are endangered and going extinct!

I was so inspired to raise money for the animals, so I did a few jobs around the house like emptying the dishwasher for 50p a load, and washing the car for £2. But then I had an even better idea.

I convinced my three best mates [undisclosed], Tom and Dan to ride 20 miles… IN PINK!!!!!!!

We had a brilliant day riding across the Downs on the Isle Of Wight and I was really chuffed when we raised £126!

Special thanks to Tom who raised the most!!!

Hugo Moore

It is because of fundraising efforts from Champions like Hugo and his friends that the EDGE Programme can carry on doing vital work to preserve some of the most evolutionarily distinct and endangered species all around the world.

We want to say a big thank you to everyone who has contributed their time and energy to help us move forward since we launched in 2007, and if you would like more information about how you can help and what we do with the donations we receive, please click here.