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Woodlark cuscus habitat saved!

By on February 3, 2008 in EDGE Updates, Uncategorized

In the flurry of events following the launch of our new EDGE amphibian pages, we forgot to mention another reason to celebrate:

The EDGE team received fantastic news that Vitroplant has abandoned its plans to convert 70% of Woodlark Island to oil palm plantations. This truly is testament how a few people’s voices can grow overnight into a global force demanding action. We hope that these voices can remain strong in the face of future challenges .

To everyone that played a part in making this happen: Thank you!!

Click here for more information on the events leading up to the withdrawal of the oil palm company from Woodlark Island.

This is not only good news for all the endemic species inhabiting this island but great news for the Woodlark cuscus, which would have lost the stronghold of its habitat due to the planned developments.

Due to the high evolutionary distinctiveness of this species and endemic nature, a population crash would have altered its threat listing (Currently Least Concern in the IUCN 2007 Red List of Threatened Species) and put it well within the Top 100 EDGE mammals list. The EDGE Team watched closely as plans went underway to begin developments and were thrilled when we heard the news about Vitorplant retracting their contract.

We are very happy that the Woodlark cuscus will remain off the Top 100 EDGE mammal list, and only wish we could have a few more success stories like this one!