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Calling all budding conservationists!

By on February 12, 2008 in EDGE Updates, Uncategorized

The Zoological Society of London (ZSL)  has opened applications for 2008 expedition grants.  If you are interested in carrying out a research project on a poorly-known EDGE species please let us know! To find out more about the grants please visit the ZSL website.

The aim of ZSL Erasmus Darwin Barlow Conservation Expeditions is to fund short field surveys (max 3 months) to gather information which is required to address a conservation question. Applicants should be over 20 years of age, and preference will be given to teams rather than individuals. There is a preference to support under-graduate/post-graduate expeditions.

Applications are now open for 2008 and the closing date to apply is 29 February 2008

Expedition image

The conservation question should focus on poorly-known species’ or their habitats, such as making assessments of the distribution and abundance of animal(s) or the area and quality of their habitats. In additional to biological and ecological information, expeditions may look at the social, economic and institutional issues which are a threat to a particular species or habitat. The expeditions should build on existing knowledge, but focus on gathering new information from the field, to answer a clear conservation research question. Priority will be given to proposals that complement ZSL’s on-going conservation initiatives.Expedition image

Applicants should be over 20 years of age, and preference will be given to teams rather than individuals. There is a preference to support undergraduate/ postgraduate expeditions. Applicants should be resident in UK, or registered at a UK university or college. Full-time IoZ students and ZSL staff are not eligible to apply.

Expeditions must have a clear aim which can be achieved within the timeframe and resources of the proposed expedition. These resources will include the experience and potential of expedition members, the careful planning of the expedition, as well as sufficient financial resources (projects with match funding will be given priority).

In preparation, expeditions should consult the RGS-IBG Expedition Advisory Centre and other organisations (e.g. WEXAS). They should carry out a risk assessment and have appropriate insurance; ZSL accepts no legal, financial or moral liability for expeditions it supports or grants funds

Destination country
Expeditions should be outside Western Europe and North America. The applicants must show that they have obtained the required permission from the appropriate government department (e.g. research permits, permission to work in national parks, forest reserves etc), as well as immigration formalities. Letters of permission from national institution need to be shown.

Preference will be given to expeditions that have collaborating members from local institutions. This could include students from local universities, or staff from natural resources management institutions (e.g. national parks/wildlife/forestry/ fisheries personnel).

Within one month of returning from the field, each expedition will submit a written report detailing the findings of the expedition. Within 6 months, a full expedition report will be submitted, and each expedition will give a presentation at the annual ZSL Conservation Expeditions conference.

Expedition image

 ZSL Conservation Expeditions 2008 Application Form (47 KB)

 ZSL Conservation Expeditions 2008 Appliction Guielines (19 KB)