Abdullahi Hussein Ali

  • Project name: Causes and consequences of landscape change for hirola populations in Ijara, Kenya
  • Project site: Kenya
  • EDGE species: Hirola Beatragus hunteri
  • Active: 2011 - ongoing


Originating from the hirola’s natural range, Ali is ideally placed to overcome cultural challenges and engage the local community in hirola conservation. Ali has worked hard to forge collaborative ties with the Kenya Wildlife Service and the Northern Rangelands Trust and is committed to sharing the skills he gains from his EDGE Fellowship with the organisations he works with.

Ali has completed a PhD focusing on hirola range collapse, resource selection and demography in eastern Kenya, becoming the first person from his area of Kenya to gain a doctorate. In 2017 Ali became one of the first EDGE Affiliates.

EDGE Project

Ali’s EDGE Fellowship enhanced our understanding of the threats to the hirola and identified suitable conservation actions by:

  • Investigating how overgrazing by livestock and the extirpation of elephant populations relates to hirola declines through tree encroachment
  • Modelling the risk of extinction under a number of ecological scenarios and making management recommendations based on the findings
  • Fostering long-term conservation support for the hirola by involving local communities through education and outreach programs




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