Alain habitat © Frank Vassen

Alain Rakotondrina

  • Project name: Saving the critically endangered Tarzan chameleon.
  • Project site: Tarzanville, Ambatofotsy and Ankorabe
  • EDGE species: Tarzan chameleon, Calumma tarzan
  • Active: 2020 - ongoing


Alain gained an MSc in Animal Biology in 2012, and has previously acted as a field assistant researching several other endemic gecko species. In his current role, as a research assistance at Madagasikara Voakajy,he carries out surveys and supports research on herpetofauna, small mammals and birds.

Alain aspires to be a leading expert in reptile conservation in Madagascar. Having previously attended a EDGE Conservation Tools training course as a local participant, he feels that further EDGE training will be of great benefit to him and will help him to improve his career.

EDGE Project

Alain’s project aims to develop a species conservation strategy to ensure the viability of the Tarzan chameleon in its natural habitat.

His objectives are to:
• Confirm the presence of Tarzan chameleon at three localities;
• Estimate population sizes at each location where it is found;
• Study the habitat preferences of the species;
• Understand the interactions between people and Tarzan chameleons throughout their range;
• Assess the threats to the habitat of the species;
• Develop a conservation strategy for the species.