Alain habitat © Frank Vassen

Alain Rakotondrina

  • Project name: Saving the critically endangered Tarzan chameleon.
  • Project site: Tarzanville, Ambatofotsy and Ankorabe
  • EDGE species: Tarzan chameleon, Calumma tarzan
  • Active: 2020 - 2022


Alain gained an MSc in Animal Biology in 2012, and has previously acted as a field assistant researching several other endemic gecko species. In his current role, as a research assistance at Madagasikara Voakajy,he carries out surveys and supports research on herpetofauna, small mammals and birds.

Alain aspires to be a leading expert in reptile conservation in Madagascar. Having previously attended a EDGE Conservation Tools training course as a local participant, he feels that further EDGE training will be of great benefit to him and will help him to improve his career.

EDGE Project

Alain’s project aims to maintain viable populations of Calumma tarzan in its natural habitat.

His objectives are to:

  • Use local ecological knowledge and targeted surveys to confirm the presence of C. tarzan at three sites in Alaotra Mangoro and Atsinanana Regions over a period of 35 days in May 2021;
  • Determine population sizes, habitat preferences and quantify threats at three sites over a period of 75 days by June 2021;
  • Understand the interactions between people and C. tarzan over a period of 15 days by June 2021;
  • Develop a species conservation strategy for C. tarzan by February 2022.