Alejandra Fabila Blanco


Alejandra gained an MSc at the Insituto de Ecología, A.C-INECOL, and for the past eight years has worked as a project coordinator with Grupo de Ecologia y Conservacion de Islas (GECI) helping with conservation and restoration of not only the seabird population but also the islands they live on.

Alejandra is looking forward to putting the knowledge that she learns throughout her EDGE Fellowship into practice as well as boosting her confidence, enabling her to successfully implement conservation programmes in her country.

EDGE Project

Alejandra’s project aims to estimate population size and investigate threats to conservation of Ashy storm-petrel (ASSP) on Todos Santos Islands while implementing conservation actions considered in the action plan for the species..

Her objectives are to:

  • Estimate the abundance of the ASSP on Todos Santos Islands;
  • Assess avian predation on ASSP on Todos Santos Sur Island;
  • Map the nesting habitat of ASSP on Todos Santos Islands;
  • Investigate the suitability of using artificial nest sites to increase breeding habitat for ASSP;
  • Prevent the introduction of invasive mammals to Todos Santos Islands by involving stakeholders and raising awareness in biosecurity;
  • Raise awareness of ASSP in island users and the local community of Ensenada.