Ana Yranzo Duque


Ana has participated in several research projects at different coastal and island reefs in Venezuela, and possesses significant diving experience. She has always been interested in coral reefs and is very concerned about the decline of corals she has witnessed within the Caribbean.

Ana looks forward to coordinating her first independent research project, which she hopes will allow her to grow both professionally and personally.

EDGE Project

Ana’s project aims to better understand the population status of all three Orbicella corals in Morrocoy National Park, Venezuela, 20 years after a massive mortality event occurred in the area. Her objectives are to:

  • Estimate abundance, density, cover and sizes of Orbicella colonies.
  • Register the health condition of Orbicella in terms of: percentage mortality; disease prevalence, paleness or bleaching; frequency of bioerosion and overgrowth by algae or encrusting octocorals.
  • Calculate the amount of affected tissue by health compromising factors in Orbicella colonies.
  • Estimate growth rates of some Orbicella colonies.
  • Register physio-chemical parameters from the reef sites.