Andrea Natalia Martínez Bulla

  • Project name: Conservation status of the poorly known endangered Caribbean lesser funnel-eared bat (Chilonatalus micropus brevimanus)
  • Project site: Santa Catalina & Providencia Islands, Colombia
  • EDGE species: Caribbean lesser funnel-eared bat, Chilonatalus micropus brevimanus
  • Active: 2024 - ongoing


Andrea currently works as a part-time associated researcher at the La Palmita Natural Reserve Foundation Research Center, where she is part of the territorial studies for the use and conservation of biodiversity research group.

Andrea hopes that being a project leader will improve her communication, leadership, and management skills, which could all be applied in future conservation projects and her career as a mammalian researcher. She hopes to interact with researchers from other countries and broaden her understanding and knowledge of the obstacles and opportunities they must overcome.

EDGE Project

Andrea’s project aims to assess the conservation status of Chilonatalus micropus brevimanus on Providencia Island.

Her objectives are to:

  • Map the roost sites (potentially population size) of Chilonatalus micropus brevimanus in Providencia Island.
  • Understand global significance in the taxonomic dimension of the isolated population on Providencia Island.
  • Assess the activity pattern and use of space of Chilonatalus micropus brevimanus in Providencia Island.
  • Explore the perceptions of the Providencia community concerning environmental change, forest importance, and bats.
  • Raise awareness in the Providencia community on the conservation of Chilonatalus micropus brevimanus.