Location - Arpithamol Joy

Arpithamol C Joy

  • Project name: Ecology, Reproductive Behaviour and Conservation needs of Nyctibatrachus dattatreyaenis
  • Project site: Baba Budangiri Range, Karnataka, India
  • EDGE species: Dattatreya Night Frog, Nyctibatrachus dattatreyaensis
  • Active: 2022 - ongoing


Arpithamol is currently a PhD student in Zoology at the Christ University in Bangalore, India. Before this she studied an MSc in applied zoology where she conducted a study on Anurans in the Chikmagalur district.

From a young age Arpithamol has always had a curiosity for nature and the need for harmonious cohabitation of wildlife and humans. She hopes that the EDGE Fellowship will provide her with the training and support to strengthen her journey towards conserving the Dattatreya night frog and its habitat.

EDGE Project

Arpithamol’s project aims to understand the life of the Dattatreya night frog and its habitat to boost its survival.

Her objectives are to:

  • Asses the distribution of the Dattatreya night frog.
  • Assess the abundance of the species using the N-mixture model.
  • Understand the threats faced by the Dattatreya night frog and its habitat.
  • Understand the mating behaviour of the species.
  • Increase awareness about the status of the species and its habitat among the local stakeholders.