Ashish Bashyal

  • Project name: Assessment of conservation status of critically endangered gharials in Bardia National Park , Nepal
  • Project site: Babai and Karnali rivers, Nepal
  • EDGE species: Gharial Gavialis gangeticus
  • Active: 2019 - ongoing


In his current role as Chief Conservation Officer Ashish oversees a number of active research and conservation projects, including use of community education and participation to further snake conservation, and camera trapping and community engagement for the conservation of small and medium-sized carnivores in Gajedi Lake, Nepal.

Ashish has always been fascinated by gharials and wants to contribute to their long-term conservation in Nepal. The EDGE Fellowship will provide him with the funding, training and mentorship which he needs to help him achieve his long-aspired goal of contributing to gharial conservation.

EDGE Project

Ashish’s project aims to collect previously non-existent, baseline scientific information on various ecological attributes of gharial populations in Bardia National Park (BNP), Nepal, to assess their conservation status. His objectives are to:

  • Assess the population dynamics of gharials in BNP
  • Assess habitat availability vs utilisation by gharials in BNP
  • Determine major threats to gharials in the rivers of the BNP
  • Model the impact of climate change on gharials and their habitat
  • Engage households and students from indigenous riverine communities to encourage gharial and freshwater conservation