Christine - Field

Christine Kouman


Christine is currently a PhD student at Nangui Abrogoua University in Côte d’Ivoire. Prior to her PhD Christine was a teaching assistant with the Ivorian Office of Parks & Reserves, teaching others about crocodile capturing as well as radio tracking methods.

From the Fellowship, Christine hopes to gain a useful network of peers with whom she will be able to discuss specific areas of conservation concern and potentially develop solutions to these. Further to this she is looking forward to building her capacity in the human dimensions of conservation such as holding workshops and community meetings. She would also like to increase her knowledge of scientific and technical capacity for conservation purposes.

EDGE Project

Christine’s project aims to advance the science and practice of reintroductions as a conservation strategy, using rigorous ecological evaluation and generation of community support.

Her objectives are to:

• Initiate community engagement and use participatory approaches to crocodile conservation with the fishermen, hunters, bushmeat vendors, and farmers located along the Hana River and villages adjacent the reintroduction site in Taï National Park;
• Measure the success of crocodile reintroductions through quantitative comparisons of the ecology and behaviours of reintroduced crocodiles compared to wild crocodiles.