Dorine Mkaluma Ngeti

  • Project name: Restoration of Sagalla Hill with a view to creating a sustainable future for the Critically Endangered caecilian Boulengerula niedeni
  • Project site: Taita Hills, Kenya
  • EDGE species: Sagalla caecillian Boulengerula niedeni
  • Active: 2009 - 2010


Dorine Mkaluma Ngeti received her BSc in Environmental Science from Egerton University, Kenya. She has previously worked at the East African Wild Life Society (EAWLS) Office in Taita where she helped to implement conservation projects that bring direct benefits to the community, including nature-based enterprises such as butterfly farming, bee-keeping, and sericulture (silkworm rearing). The aim of these projects was to promote the conservation of natural forests by providing alternative sources of livelihood while generating support towards their conservation among community members. She was also exposed to issues related to community-based development, which opened her eyes to the possibilities and opportunities in the conservation world towards improving the lives of the community while contributing towards environmental conservation.

Dorine is now working in Taita Taveta Wildlife Forum (TTWF) where her efforts are geared towards the conservation of the Critically Endangered caecilian in Sagalla.

EDGE Project

Dorine was part of the Sagalla caecilian conservation project

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