Kampango Habitat

Farida Abdalla Mayowela

  • Project name: Conservation initiatives to protect endangered Kampango (Bagrus meridionalis) in Lake Nyasa, Tanzania
  • Project site: Lake Nyasa, Tanzania
  • EDGE species: Kampango, Bagrus meridionalis
  • Active: 2023 - ongoing


Farida works as an assistant lecturer at Mbeya University of Science and Technology, Farida also has a Masters of Science in Ecosystem Science and Management.

Farida hopes that she will gain the knowledge and skills for conservation of the critically endangered fish, alongside aquatic ecosystems in general. She also feels she will benefit from learning how to work in the field with collection of both social and ecological data, plus interacting with local communities.

EDGE Project

Farida’s project aims to understand the population dynamics of the critically endangered kampango and the operations fisher’s in Lake Nyasa Tanzania.

Her objectives are to:
• Assess existing information on the critically endangered kampango (Bagrus meridionalis); the fishery socio-economic and demographic information, of Lake Nyasa, Tanzania
• Assess existing information on the biology and ecology of the critically endangered kampango by the end of project
• Characterize the operational activities of fishers in Lake Nyasa, Tanzania
• Assess the trend of catch and distribution of the critically endangered kampango in Lake Nyasa, Tanzania
• Raising awareness on the status of the Kampango in five fishing communities near Lake Nyasa, Tanzania.