Ikechukwe Habitat

Ikechukwu Godwin Chinemerem

  • Project name: Historical Appraisal of Amphibians of Oban Hills, Cross River Nigeria
  • Project site: Oban Hills, Nigeria
  • EDGE species: Montane Forest Tree Toad, Wolterstorffina parvipalmata Dwarf Toad, Didynamipus sjostedti Robust Giant Frog, Conraua robusta
  • Active: 2023 - ongoing


Godwin works as a full time field researcher with the Safe Environment Safe Amphibians Conservation Organisation in Nigeria. Prior to this post he obtained an MSc in Environmental Quality Management.

Godwin hopes that the Fellowship will provide him with the skills and competency to execute valuable conservation projects, as well as gaining technical knowledge to mentor young Nigerians to become conservation leaders themselves.

EDGE Project

Godwin’s project aims to improve knowledge and reduce threats to three EDGE amphibian species of Oban Hills.

His objectives are to:
• Determine the distribution of EDGE amphibian species in Oban Hills
• Determine the population of EDGE amphibian species ) in selected sites at Oban Hills
• Assess threats to the survival of the three target amphibian species at Oban Hills
• Facilitate the adoption of environmentally friendly high-yielding cocoa management technologies by farmers to reduce poverty, pollution from agrochemicals, and the need to clear more forest in Oban Hills
• Assess the possibility of beekeeping and mushroom farming as a tool to increase the indigenous people’s income as an alternative to expanding farmlands, tree logging and hunting.