Issah - habitat

Issah Seidu

  • Project name: Status and Conservation of the Endangered Common and Blackchin Guitarfishes in Ghana.
  • Project site: Greater Accra & Wester Region, Ghana
  • EDGE species: Common guitarfish, Rhinobatos rhinobatos
  • Active: 2020 - ongoing


Issah is currently studying for a PhD at Kwame Nkrumah University of Science & Technology. His PhD is looking into various characteristics of the Elasmobranch fisheries in western Ghana. In addition to this, Issah is the founder and a team leader for the AquaLife Conservancy in Ghana.

Issah believes he will benefit greatly from working with the experts and colleagues who are champions in marine biology & social science methods through the EDGE Fellowship. Further to this he hopes that the Fellowship will further enhance his skills in data presentation, scientific writing, as well as being able to communicate with a wide range of stakeholders.

EDGE Project

Issah’s project aims to protect the guitarfish and effectively manage sustainable use in local coastal communities.

His objectives are to:

• Create a fisheries profile including catch locations, gear type, as well as maturity parameters, size distribution and sex ratio for common and blackchin guitarfishes;
• Assess the dependence of local communities on the two guitarfishes by investigating the trade, uses, socio-economics and cultural characteristics;
• Train and establish a network of fishermen to collect long-term data on guitarfishes and other threatened shark species landings;
• Conduct local community education, awareness-creation campaigns, and increase understanding among local communities about guitarfishes, the threats that face them and potential mitigation measures;
• Recommend practical strategies to support management and conservation.