Jacob Ngwava

  • Project name: Conservation Assessment of the Critically Endangered Du Toit’s Torrent frog (Petropedetes dutoiti) in Kenya
  • Project site: Mount Elgon, Kenya
  • EDGE species: Du Toit’s torrent frog Arthroleptides dutoiti
  • Active: 2012 - 2015


Having been a Research Scientist in the Herpetology Section of the National Museums of Kenya (NMK) and now the Senior Curator at NMK’s Nairobi Snake Park, Jacob is an expert in Kenyan herpetology.

As a result of his role at NMK, Jacob has also developed strong links with the leading Kenyan wildlife authorities. As such, he is well placed to lead a cross-organisational initiative to save one of Kenya’s rarest amphibian species.

EDGE Project

During his Fellowship Jacob aimed to determine the conservation status of Du Toit’s torrent frog and develop appropriate conservation strategies for the amphibian community of Mount Elgon, Kenya. Below were his project objectives:

  • Determine the population status and distribution of Du Toit’s torrent frog on the Kenyan side of Mount Elgon;
  • Assess the region for potential threats to the amphibian community, including the prevalence of diseases such as chytridiomycosis;
  • Engage local wildlife authorities (Kenya Wildlife Service and Kenya Forest Service) in project activities and, where appropriate, encourage them to contribute to surveying efforts;
  • Integrate project findings into local management plans.


  • Jacob undertook an internship at ZSL

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