Justine Gwegime

  • Project name: Secured future distribution and habitat for the Rondo galago Galagoides rondoensis and improved conservation knowledge and attitude to the community within the Rondo galago range in Southern part of Tanzania
  • Project site: Lindi region, southern Tanzania
  • EDGE species: Rondo dwarf galago Galagoides rondoensis
  • Active: 2014 - 2016


Justine works for the Tanzania Forest Conservation Group (TFCG). His current work focuses on improving governance and accountability in the forest sector.

Justine already has extensive experience of carrying out fieldwork in the Eastern Arc Mountains and the coastal forests of Tanzania and is passionate about conserving the Rondo dwarf galago and its fragile habitat.

EDGE Project

To improve our understanding of the distribution and the conservation status of the Rondo dwarf galago, Justine:

  • Determined the distribution of the Rondo dwarf galago through undertaking extensive nocturnal surveys in areas of known and potential habitat;
  • Assessed the quality of the habitat and quantified the level and type of forest disturbance;
  • Raised the profile of the Rondo dwarf galago among local communities and wider stakeholders;
  • Developed locally-appropriate conservation recommendations for the Rondo dwarf galago and its habitat.


  • Justine completed the first ever systematic survey of Rondo Dwarf galagos in the Noto Forest Reserve.

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