Jyotendra Thakuri

  • Project name: Conservation ecology of the Bengal florican in western Nepal
  • Project site: Suklaphanta Wildlife Reserve, Western Nepal
  • EDGE species: Bengal Florican Houbaropsis bengalensis
  • Active: 2016 - 2018


Jyotendra is an established conservationist in Nepal, with an active research profile and global recognition through his work with the Darwin Initiative, the RSPB and Bird Life International, through partnership with Bird Conservation Nepal, for whom he works.

Jyotendra’s Darwin Initiative-funded project discovered that the Bengal Florican winters in agricultural land outside the National Park. They achieved this by fitting individuals with satellite tags to track their movements. The reason for this movement and threats to these birds outside the park is unknown, and forms the basis of his EDGE Fellowship project. Jyotendra has been using the skills and technical knowledge acquired from his EDGE Fellowship to implement and lead conservation projects in his region.

EDGE Project

This project builds on Jyotendra’s previous research by undertaking more satellite tagging of the birds to track them to their wintering sites, where he has been collecting information on the habitat use and threats at this newly discovered location. Through his project Jyotendra has been:

  • Assessing why Bengal floricans leave the protected areas during the non-breeding season;
  • Determining the conservation threats faced by Bengal floricans, both inside and outside the protected areas;
  • Generating recommendations for grassland management inside the protected area;
  • Strengthening the conservation capacity of bird conservation in Nepal by passing on the knowledge gained through the EDGE training to colleagues and conservation partners.

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