Liliana Saboyá Acosta

  • Project name: The small world of Lepidoblepharis myatai: Taxonomic-ecological relationships as conservation tools
  • Project site: Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, Colombia
  • EDGE species: Colombian dwarf gecko (Lepidoblepharis miyatai)
  • Active: 2018 - 2021


Liliana is a biologist interested in the ecological interactions between amphibians/reptiles and tropical forests, and the impact on these habitats caused by human activities.

Liliana hopes to use the EDGE Fellowship to contribute to the national heritage of her country by conserving the Colombian dwarf gecko. She looks forward to exchanging experiences with other researchers from different parts of the world, and wants to learn more about traditional knowledge in different countries and its use in conservation.

EDGE Project

Liliana’s project aims to re-evaluate the taxonomic status and distribution of the Colombian dwarf gecko. Her objectives are to:

  • Determine the distribution of the Colombian dwarf gecko using a taxonomic/biogeographical approach.
  • Determine some basic aspects of the biology of the Colombian dwarf gecko such as relative abundance, population density and microhabitat preferences.
  • Investigate the knowledge and perception of the Colombian dwarf gecko amongst local communities, including indigenous groups living in the range of the species.
  • Use the data obtained to assess the conservation status of the Colombian dwarf gecko and propose necessary conservation measures for the future.