Cross River National Park

Lotanna Micah Nneji

  • Project name: Status and Conservation of Cameroon Slippery Frog in Nigeria
  • Project site: Cross River National Park
  • EDGE species: Cameroon slippery frog, Conraua robusta
  • Active: 2020 - ongoing


Lotanna is currently a research assistant at the University of Chinese Academy of Science, from where he also gained his PhD in genetics. Prior to this he received a MSc in Zoology from the University of Ibadan in Nigeria.

Lotanna hopes that the Fellowship will aid in his capacity building and development in the area of understudied amphibian conservation. Further to this he is looking forward to the opportunity to interact with conservationists throughout Africa from where he could learn new techniques he can incorporate into his actions in Nigeria.

EDGE Project

Lotanna’s project aims to improve conservation management of Cameroon slippery frog in Nigeria through ecological research and community-based conservation programmes.

His objectives are to:

• Use targeted field surveys to examine the abundance and distribution of C. robusta in relation to threats and habitat types;
• Develop a species distribution model to predict current and future habitat suitability, distribution and ecological requirements of C. robusta in Nigeria;
• Initiate conservation management plans by engaging in stakeholder’s meeting with the management of Ako community, Cross River National Park and local organization (Biodiversity Preservation Centre Uyo) in Nigeria;
• Engage in conservation education programmes in schools, villages and social gatherings within the host community.