Henkel's Yellowwood Habitat

Luciana Naftal Piniely

  • Project name: Conservation status of Podocarpus henkelii in Tanzania
  • Project site: Various locations within Tanzania
  • EDGE species: Henkel’s Yellowwood, Podocarpus henkelii
  • Active: 2023 - ongoing


Luciana currently works as an assistant botanist within the plant health and pesticides authority section of the National Herbarium of Tanzania.

Luciana hopes that during her Fellowship she will be able to move the conservation agenda in the Country a step further. She is also excited to help build capacity for conservation status assessment and will contribute to the creation of new knowledge on East African flora.

EDGE Project

Luciana’s project aims to promote conservation actions on Podocarpus henkelii in Tanga region, Tanzania.

Her objectives are to:
• Model the distribution of Podocarpus henkelii in Tanzania.
• Determine the population density and structure of Podocarpus henkelii in Lushoto , Tanga, Tanzania
• Improve access to Podocarpus henkelii seeds for possible future reintroduction and restoration efforts in Tanzania
• Examine the current economic impact of Podocarpus henkelii on communities in Lushoto, Tanga
• Raise public awareness on the conservation of Podocarpus henkelii for the future generation in Lushoto, Tanga.