Manish Datta


As a member of the Bangladesh Cetacean Diversity Project (BCDP) ecological investigation team, Manish has made a long-term commitment to the conservation of Ganges River and Irrawaddy dolphins in the Sundarbans of Bangladesh. Having also been an interpreter for the month long floating dolphin festival (Shushuk Mela) Manish is experienced in cultivating local positive attitudes towards cetacean conservation.

As part of the team that identified the worrying trend in dolphin by-catch and consumption, Manish is committed to better understanding these activities and working with local communities to reduce their impact.

EDGE Project

Manish’s EDGE Fellowship aimed to understand and reduce the by-catch and consumption of Ganges river dolphin in Bangladesh. His obejectives were to:

  • Estimate the rate and distribution of dolphin entanglement in the north eastern region of the Sundarbans;
  • Investigate the fishing gears and practices that are responsible for dolphin mortalities;
  • Identify market chains, key trading sites and consumer profiles for the sale and consumption of dolphin products;
  • Develop and implement communication strategies to inform relevant stakeholders about laws prohibiting the trade and consumption of dolphins.


  • Manish organised a workshop attended by students from Khulna University and other institutions to conduct social surveys on dolphin mortality responses

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