María Copa Alvaro


María Eugenia Copa Alvaro completed her undergraduate degree at the Major University of Saint Andrew in La Paz, Bolivia and her Master’s degree at the National Autonomous University of Mexico, Mexico. Her first research work was studying peccary distribution and management in the Amazon. She later studied the impact of hurricanes on a population of endangered pygmy raccoons in Cozumel Island, Mexico.

EDGE Project

María’s project aimed to:

  • Establish the distribution of the Short-tailed chinchilla at the beginning of the 19th century
  • Gather information from older people about the abundance of the chinchilla in the past and its presence today
  • Verify the presence of Short-tailed chinchilla in areas indicated by records of direct or indirect sightings. Areas considered to be likely for Short-tailed chinchilla presence will be divided into quadrats and searched for tracks and other physical evidence

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