María Susana Sánchez Chávez

  • Project name: Understanding the genetic diversity and population structure of a unique pine tree (Pinus culminicola) from Northeast Mexico
  • Project site: Mountain ranges between Coahuila & Nuevo Leon States, Mexico
  • EDGE species: Potosi pinyon pine, Pinus culminicola 
  • Active: 2024 - ongoing


Susana is an MRes student at the Universidad Autonoma de Nuevo Leon in Mexico.

Susana hopes to gain a strong set of skills and specialist knowledge, as well as a deeper understanding of the most effective strategies and approaches to protecting biodiversity and contributing significantly to the conservation of endangered species. She looks forward to establishing strong professional connections and networks through the EDGE fellowship program.

EDGE Project

Susana’s project aims to generate baseline information while engaging the local communities in conserving P. culminicola.

Her objectives are to:

  • Adjust a new protocol for DNA sequencing in P. culminicola.
  • Generate the genomic data for at least three populations.
  • Conduct population structure and genetic variability analyses.
  • Understand the perspective of local communities in conservation and their relationship with natural resources.
  • Raise awareness about the ecosystemic importance of P. culminicola and the conservation of the ecosystems in the area.