Mea Trenor


Mea works with Earth Touch producing wildlife documentaries. With degrees in both Zoology and Environmental Sciences, Mea used her EDGE Fellowship to develop a more hands-on role in conservation whilst also using her communications background to help raise awareness of the species.

With support from the EDGE Fellowship programme, Mea is improving her conservation management skills and implementing an effective conservation strategy for the Mistbelt chirping frog.

EDGE Project

Mea is working to secure a future for the Mistbelt chirping frog through:

  • Determining whether the recommendations that were made to forestry companies have been implemented and, if so, whether these are having a positive effect on the species;
  • Exploring options for habitat protection through land-owner agreements for those subpopulations occurring outside of protected areas;
  • Implementing monitoring of the Mistbelt chirping frog at selected subpopulations to determine their present status (this forms part of provincial monitoring plans for threatened species in the KwaZulu-Natal);
  • Increasing awareness of the plight of the Mistbelt chirping frog at local schools and communities.


  • Mea was featured in The Guardian¬†discussing her project, the EDGE programme and her passion for amphibian conservation.

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