Micaela Camino

  • Project name: Design, application and evaluation of actions for conserving the last Chacoan peccaries
  • Project site: Chaco, Formosa and Salta Provinces, Argentina
  • EDGE species: Chacoan peccary Catagonus wagneri
  • Active: 2015 - ongoing


Micaela’s previous work has focused on endangered mammals in the Chaco region of Argentina and has provided her with a strong foundation for her EDGE Fellowship. She has a PhD from the University of Buenos Aires.

Micaela is now applying her experience and knowledge to the conservation of the Chacoan peccary in northern Argentina. She recognises the importance of grassroots conservation and of working closely with local communities to achieve her mission. Through the EDGE Fellowship Micaela has had the opportunity to meet and collaborate with experts in conservation and has widened her personal network. In 2017 Micaela became one of the first EDGE Affiliates.

EDGE Project

Since 2015 Micalea has been building local capacity for the development of this grassroots conservation project that will ensure the long-term persistence of the Chacoan peccary and its habitat in Argentina. This will be accomplished by:

  • Gathering and disseminating information of the species with active participation of local inhabitants whilst incorporating their perceptions and opinions on proposed actions;
  • Building a local framework for the conservation of the Chacoan peccary, monitoring its populations and motivating local inhabitants to commit to the species preservation to ensure its persistence over time.


  • Micaela was appointed to the IUCN Peccary Specialist Group
  • She increased public awareness of the Chacoan peccary’s plight through numerous public presentations, locally and nationally, to scientists, policymakers, NGOs, as well as working with over 90 teachers and over 80 local children
  • She secured 100 minutes of radio publicity talking about the importance of the species and its conservation.
  • She organised an IUCN workshop to develop an international Conservation Plan for the species, including an appearance on Paraguayan National TV, and written several reports for policymakers
  • She implemented transect monitoring and camera traps to establish baseline and ongoing monitoring of Chacoan peccary populations
  • She engaged two football teams who want the Chacoan peccary as a mascot on their football shirts

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