Michael - habitat

Michael Akrasi

  • Project name: Recovery and conservation of the last populations of the Togo slippery frog
  • Project site: Amedzofe, Ho West District, Volta Region
  • EDGE species: Togo slippery frog, Conraua derooi
  • Active: 2020 - 2022


Michael has worked as a conservation officer with Herp Conservation Ghana since 2017, before which he gained a BSc in Natural Resources Management.

Michael hopes to gain skills and knowledge during the Fellowship that will help him to increase his effectiveness as a conservationist. Specifically he wants to improve his skills on statistics, social science and ecological monitoring. He is looking forward to the ability to network with like minded conservationists to form collaborations tackling conservation questions.

EDGE Project

Michael’s project aims to identify and prioritise sites for protection as well as increase awareness of Conraua derooi in Ghana.

His objectives are to:

  • Identify sites within the Togo-Volta highlands where the Togo slippery frog is predicted to occur using Species Distribution Modelling (SDM) tools;
  • Estimate population size of the Togo slippery frogs in Eastern Ghana;
  • Increase conservation awareness among 250 school children in Amedzofe;
  • Produce manuscripts from project activities by February 2022.