Mount Manengouba habitat

Michele Marina Kameni Ngalieu


Alongside her current PhD work, Michele has helped at various different research projects, the latest being with Cameroon Herpetological— Conservation Biology Foundation. She participated in biodiversity surveys in the Mount Manengouba region as well as assisting with education and outreach events.

Michele believes that it is important for her career to be able to share experiences and network with other scientists worldwide. In addition to this she hopes that the Fellowship will enable her to publish her work on EDGE species, as well as becoming a known quantity in the field of amphibian conservation in Africa.

EDGE Project

Michele’s project aims to ascertain if the redbelly egg frog is still present in Mount Manengouba since the last survey in 2012, and establish whether their abundance has increased or decreased.

Her objectives are to:

• Determine where anthropogenic threats are occurring and how strongly they impact frogs species in the study area;
• Determine which EDGE frog species have declined in abundance and make recommendations for better protection of their habitat;
• Organise sensitization workshops to raise awareness among local people on the importance of protecting their habitat;
• Make recommendations based on research results for the