Mount Manengouba habitat

Marina Kameni Ngalieu


Alongside her current PhD work, Marina has helped at various different research projects, the latest being with Cameroon Herpetological— Conservation Biology Foundation. She participated in biodiversity surveys in the Mount Manengouba region as well as assisting with education and outreach events.

Marina believes that it is important for her career to be able to share experiences and network with other scientists worldwide. In addition to this she hopes that the Fellowship will enable her to publish her work on EDGE species, as well as becoming a known quantity in the field of amphibian conservation in Africa.

EDGE Project

Marina’s project aims to evaluate the changes in threats and distribution of the target species in the Manengouba Mountain, Cameroon.

Her objectives are to:

  • Determine the distribution of four EDGE species on Manengouba mountain by Q1 2022;
  • Evaluate the current threats to the target species on Manengouba mountain by Q1 2022;
  • Raise awareness on EDGE species conservation in local communities by Q1 2022;
  • Share knowledge on the species (status, threats) nationally and international by Q1 2022.