Mónica Franco Gutiérrez

  • Project name: Conserving great green macaws and empowering disadvantaged communities in colombia
  • Project site: Utria National Park, Colombia
  • EDGE species: Great green macaw, Ara ambiguus
  • Active: 2024 - ongoing


Mónica is the Executive Director of Horizon Conservation in Colombia.

She anticipates receiving conservation training, technical expertise, and scientific guidance from distinguished experts—essential elements that she feels will empower her to develop the great green macaw project and fortify the foundations of her NGO. Additionally, it will expand her network of conservationists, enable her to maintain and enhance her language skills and provide invaluable practical experience for her NGO.

EDGE Project

Monica’s project aims to establish baseline information and raise community awareness of the great green macaw in Utria National Park in Colombia. 

Her objectives are to:

  • Determine the distribution of the species in Colombia.
  • Determine the seasonality of the species in Utria National Park.
  • Identify great green macaw calls from other bird species through vocalization recognition AI.
  • Study nesting behaviour inside Utria National Park.
  • Assess the threat status in Utria National Park.
  • Understand the community’s perception of great green macaw and get basic ecological information about the species in Utria National Park.