Nicolás Cantero Fernández

  • Project name: Knowing the Critically Endangered microendemic Rock Gecko of eastern Paraguay
  • Project site: Departamento Cordillera, Paraguay
  • EDGE species: Paraguayan Rock Gecko, Homonota rupicola
  • Active: 2021 - ongoing


Nicolás has been a biological / ecological consultant for various companies within Paraguay for the past 3 years, helping with identification of species, looking into ways to counteract threats inside protected areas and coordinating biodiversity monitoring to name a few. He is currently working towards his Masters degree in Wildlife Management from the National University of Cordoba in Argentina.

Nicolás hopes to gain expertise in working for the conservation of Critically Endangered species, as well as learning how to positively engage with people from different cultures.

EDGE Project

Nicolás’s project aims to support the conservation of Homonota rupicola through research on its natural history, status, threats and distribution, with the valorisation and protection of key sites through the rise of awareness about the species.

His objectives are to:

  • Generate knowledge about the natural history of the species;
  • Assess Cerro Pedregal’s population size and structure (if possible);
  • Assess Cerro Pedregal’s population genetic variability (if possible);
  • Test the feasibility of using local knowledge to identify new populations of rock gecko;
  • Increase awareness about the species;
  • Update the national and international conservation status of the species.