Otgontuya Batsuuri

  • Project name: Impact of climate and environmental changes on Siberian crane summering sites and it’s implication on conservation
  • Project site: Khurkh River Valley, Khentii Province, Mongolia
  • EDGE species: Siberian crane Grus leucogeranus
  • Active: 2019 - 2022


Since graduating with a Biology BSc from the National University of Mongolia Otgontuya has worked as a Biology and Chemistry teacher at a local private school. As a child she was an avid watcher of the National Geographic channel, which inspired her to want to contribute to the conservation of critically endangered species.

Otgontuya hopes that the EDGE Fellowship will provide her with the opportunity to develop as a biologist and widen her knowledge and skills at an international level.

EDGE Project

Otgontuya’s project aims to identify potential summering areas of Siberian cranes and to gather knowledge that is critical to the recovery of the species. Her objectives are to:

  • Capture and mark Siberian cranes with satellite transmitters in Mongolia
  • Identify summering areas through GPS data from marked birds
  • Visit key summering areas to assess habitat condition and measure habitat parameters to understand habitat requirements
  • Identify other potential summering sites by linking the satellite tracking and remote sensing data with habitat suitability modelling.
  • Share data and results with relevant crane experts and discuss options to protect summering sites.

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