Ranjana Bhatta

  • Project name: Understanding ecology of gharial (Gavialis gangeticus) to support in-situ conservation in Chitwan
  • Project site: Chitwan National Park, Nepal
  • EDGE species: Gharial Gavialis gangeticus
  • Active: 2019 - 2022


Ranjana currently works in the Department of Environmental Science at Tribhuvan University, delivering tutorials for undergraduates in aquatic ecology. She has previously worked as a climate change consultant at the Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment. She has been involved in gharial research since 2007.

Ranjana wants to use the Fellowship as an opportunity to learn from and interact with scientists who can help her to enhance her research capacity. She hopes to gain valuable skills and experience to advance her career in conservation.

EDGE Project

Ranjana’s project aims to undertake research which will support the science-driven in-situ conservation by providing detailed evidence-based information on the gharial. Her objectives are to:

  • Study the reproductive ecology of wild gharial
  • Study the change in available suitable habitat for gharial in Chitwan National Park
  • Study acoustic communication in gharial and determine sex ratios
  • Determine the historical existence of gharial and its habitat in Chitwan National Park

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