Location - Reshu Bashyal

Reshu Bashyal

  • Project name: Protecting the range restricted globally threatened Maire’s yew trees in Nepal.
  • Project site: Kavreplanchok & Lalitpur Districts, Central Nepal
  • EDGE species: Maire’s Yew, Taxus mairei
  • Active: 2022 - ongoing


Reshu has a MSc in Conservation and International Wildlife Trade as well as a MSc in Environmental Science. She now is a research fellow with the NGO ‘Greenhood Nepal’.

Reshu hopes that the Fellowship will help her enable to enhance her skills and build her leadership qualities. Additionally to this she is looking forward to learning, sharing and inspiring / being inspired by like-minded conservationists.

EDGE Project

Reshu’s project aims to protect the range-restricted globally vulnerable Taxus mairei, the cancer-treating trees, to thrive in the wild in Nepal.

Her objectives are to:

  • Assess the population characteristics of wild T.mairei in central Nepal by 2023.
  • Estimate the errors in the identification of Taxus species and outline the conservation importance of proper identification.
  • Explore and document the types and extent of threats faced by wild T. mairei in central Nepal by 2023.
  • Assist the local and central government officials to build the issues into Taxus conservation plans to ensure its conservation.