Rio habitat

Rio Heriniaina

  • Project name: Impact of habitat fragmentation on Indri lemur populations in Madagascar rainforests.
  • Project site: Alaotra Mangoro region
  • EDGE species: Indri lemur, Indri indri
  • Active: 2020 - 2022


Rio is a project coordinator at the Lemurs Conservation Project based in Madagascar. Rio also has an MRes on Primate Biology, Behaviour & Conservation from the University of Roehampton.

Rio hopes that the Fellowship will hone his existing skills to further improve his work as a conservation leader. He also hopes to learn various different software packages to help with analysis of data, and from this, be able to publish his data.

EDGE Project

Rio’s project aims to assess the impact of the effectiveness of different types of protection on Indri indri population size in Andasibe forest and surrounding areas in Moramanga region of Madagascar, whilst increasing conservation awareness on its plight.

His objectives are to:

  • Estimate the population size of Indri indri in three sites with different protection levels (national park, community based protection area and non-protected area) by the end of March 2021;
  • Determine the vegetation structure within the three study sites by the end of March 2021;
  • Assess the hunting pressure on Indri indri population by the end of March 2021;
  • Raise awareness on Indri indri conservation among 30 school children surrounding Andasibe National Park by the end of March 2021.