Rio habitat

Rio Heriniaina

  • Project name: Impact of habitat fragmentation on Indri lemur populations in Madagascar rainforests.
  • Project site: Alaotra Mangoro region
  • EDGE species: Indri lemur, Indri indri
  • Active: 2020 - ongoing


Rio is a project coordinator at the Lemurs Conservation Project based in Madagascar. Rio also has an MRes on Primate Biology, Behaviour & Conservation from the University of Roehampton.

Rio hopes that the Fellowship will hone his existing skills to further improve his work as a conservation leader. He also hopes to learn various different software packages to help with analysis of data, and from this, be able to publish his data.

EDGE Project

Rio’s project aims to prevent the extinction of the indri and assure their long-term survival.

His objectives are to:

• Estimate the population size and density of indri populations surviving in forest fragments (Mangabe New Protected Area) and continuous forest (Andasibe National Park);
• Determine the habitat quality for indri;
• Carry out ecological research and data collection with the help of local community members in Mangabe New Protected Area and Mantadia National Park;
• Educate and encourage behaviour change in 1,000 18-60 yearolds to support indri conservation;
• Raise awareness of indri conservation in 200 primary schools,150 secondary schools and 20 local communities in the area;
• Engage 350 youth and schoolchildren through education outreach activities and select 10 individuals as ‘lemur allies’ in Mangabe New Protected Area and Andasibe National Park.