Robin Ramdeen

  • Project name: Condition of Orbicella faveolata and perceptions of local stakeholders towards coral conservation in Montserrat
  • Project site: Montserrat
  • EDGE species: Mountainous star coral Orbicella faveolata
  • Active: 2015 - 2017


Robin began her Fellowship working in her native Tobago but moved her project for a new job as the Site Manager for the Blue Halo Initiative on Montserrat. This work has enabled her to develop the skills learnt during her undergraduate degree in Biology and her Masters in Natural Resource and Environmental Management.

As part of her EDGE Fellowship, Robin has strengthened her skills in conservation planning, coral reef science and community engagement. She has also developed her leadership and project management skills, and helped to build capacity for the conservation of coral reefs in Montserrat.

EDGE Project

Robin’s EDGE Fellowship project addressed the current lack of island-wide information on O.faveolata and increased community support for the conservation of coral reefs in Montserrat. This involved:

  • Assessing the health of O.faveolata colonies at key reefs around Montserrat;
  • Assessing resource-use patterns, stakeholder characteristics, and documenting traditional knowledge of reef-stakeholders;
  • Undertaking an outreach campaign to increase awareness of the status of O.faveolata, impacts of coastal communities on corals and importance of coral reefs for marine livelihoods;
  • Working with fisheries stakeholders and local communities to increase capacity for coral reef conservation.

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