Sandeep Das

  • Project name: Holistic approaches to conserving the purple frog in Kerala through, research and education
  • Project site: Kerala, India
  • EDGE species: Purple frog Nasikabatrachus sahyadrensis
  • Active: 2017 - ongoing


Sandeep is our 6th successful applicant for the EDGE scale up awards, which provide additional funding to enable EDGE Affiliates to continue the work they began during their 2 year Fellowship project.

Sandeep has been researching Purple frog ecology for the past 10 years and was part of a team that provided the first detailed account of its reproductive biology. With an initial interest in taxonomy, he has become increasingly interested in the species’ ecology as understanding this is paramount to the species conservation . During his Masters and PhD he has undertaken several studies into breeding behaviour, vocalisation and development of amphibians in Kerala and, through over 10 years of field work, has developed strong relationships with protected area managers and locals in order to raise awareness of the species and its threats.

This EDGE project is a continuation of Sandeep’s work on the amphibians of the Western Ghats in Kerala along with his Fellowship project. His experience and contacts provide an excellent base for developing and implementing measures for the conservation of this unique and iconic species.

EDGE Project

Sandeep’s EDGE scale up award project will build on his previous Fellowship project plus research to:

  • Assess the distribution, habitat specificity and threats of the purple frog, including disease;
  • Extend outreach work to promote the Purple frog as a flagship species for conserving habitats across Kerala;
  • Provide the evidence base needed to develop a Conservation Action Plan (CAP) with timelines, reporting mechanisms and responsible parties identified;
  • Identify priority areas for the conservation of the purple frog;
  • Work with relevant stakeholders to implement the CAP during the fellowship period and beyond.

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