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Sylvanna Antat


Sylvanna works as a Marine Research Officer with the Seychelles government. She has a background in environment and geography, and endeavours to promote coastal marine research in the Seychelles. She has set up and carried out monitoring programs along both the coastal areas of the Seychelles and within Marine Protected Areas.

After her Fellowship Sylvanna was awarded a scholarship to undertake an MPhil in Conservation Leadership at the University of Cambridge. Her training and work under her Fellowship project was pivotal in helping her gain the Cambridge MPhil scholarship. In 2017 Sylvanna became one of the first EDGE Affiliates.

EDGE Project

During her EDGE Fellowship Sylvanna:

  • Assessed the presence and distribution of EDGE corals inside and outside Marine Protected Areas;
  • Carried out detailed surveys to assess threats and symbiotic relationships;
  • Implemented a public awareness campaign on EDGE corals;
  • Produced an action plan for the EDGE corals.


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