Sibree Dwarf Lemur Habitat

Tojo Julio Andriamahefa

  • Project name: Monitoring the Cheirogaleus sibreei through eDNA in Tsinjoarivo Ambalaomby, Madagascar
  • Project site: Tsinjoarivo-Ambalaomby Protected Area
  • EDGE species: Sibree’s Dwarf Lemur, Cheirogaleus sibreei
  • Active: 2023 - ongoing


Julio is currently in line for a PhD position within the University of Antananarivo, but prior to this he was working as a school teacher in his local area and was involved with various conservation initiatives.

Julio believes that the EDGE Fellowship will give him the opportunity to communicate his research both locally and globally to facilitate exchange in the conservation community. He hopes that the training and mentorship given by EDGE will afford him the understanding of how local and national authorities work in order to protect species.

EDGE Project

Julio’s project aims to improve knowledge and conservation of the Sibreei’s dwarf lemur in Tsinjoarivo-Ambalaomby protected area, Madagasgar.

His objectives are to:
• Assess the distribution of Sibreei’s dwarf lemur in Tsinjoarivo-Ambalaomby
• Document the threats influencing the species distribution in Tsinjoarivo-Ambalaomby
• Determine the behaviour of local community on Sibree’s dwarf lemur and biodiversity conservation in general at the project site
• Increase conservation awareness on the conservation of Sibree’s dwarf lemur and its habitat in the Tsinjoarivo-Ambalaomby protected area.